This app is connected ^^

This is what the app looks like when not setup or connected but showing generic ad on live site
What the ad looks like in the Editor when first added
Common Issues
- different views during setup
How app looks like this when being set up:

1. before connecting account - ads show, but no revenue to user

2. after connecting accounts - ads still show - no revenue

3. if approved - user will start seeing revenue - but will see no apparant change in the site/editor

4. if rejected - app goes blank on live site
we are working on improving how it shows for the user in the future. but usually that's what a blank adsense app means in the live site.

403 errors on live site

- other 403 info
(things to check with the user)

403 error on Adsense app on live site

- This usually means the site was rejected/not approved yet.

- Please ask user to forward the approval email from google if they got one.

Can also happen due to following reasons​

1. site was rejected by Google 
what to do?

2. domain has changed
usually happens if the user connected / changed his domain
what to do? follow the instructions in

3. user blocked Wix from showing ads
they manually unticked the option enabled the Wix domain to show ads on the site (default setting is ‘enable’) 
what to do?

  • sign in to your AdSense account

  • go to "Settings" > Account Management > Site Management

  • untick the "only my own sites" OR "Add Site" with the correct URL

4. user signed up using a different URL
when the user connected his site he provided a different URL than the Wix site url
what to do?

  • sign in to your AdSense account

  • go to "Access and Authorization" tab and give authorization to Wix url
    re-submit with the correct URL